Serpentine Falls
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Over 45's Lifestyle Village In Serpentine
Walk to the Falls in the morning or evening.

One of the advantages of living amongst the picturesque Darling Ranges is having the ability to take in the fresh country air whenever you feel like it! At both dawn and dusk the natural beauty of Serpentine really shines, there’s nothing quite like having the best of nature on your doorstep!

Attending dinner functions at the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse has so much to offer! Not only is it a place to establish lifelong friendships and spend time on your favourite hobbies, there are also a variety of different events held in the space. The events range from letting your hair down and dancing the night away to dressing up and themed dinners… there is so much fun to be had at the Clubhouse!

Sitting outside on your deck and hearing the birds and smelling the fresh air

If it’s relaxation you’re after, you can’t go past the Serpentine area. The Village has a lovely quaint atmosphere and is filled with beautiful things to see. We’re far enough away from the city for nature to thrive and you to enjoy it!

Having small get-togethers with neighbours.

What makes our Village so unique is the wonderful group of residents who call it home! Our residents turn out to be lifelong friends and enjoy a host of different activities together both in and outside the Clubhouse. The likeminded nature of our residents fosters a community spirit like no other!

Spending time in your manageable garden, have a chat to people as they go past.

Pottering around in the garden is one of life’s small pleasures. Our residents are known for their well-manicured gardens, often spending time tending to them but when a break from the gardening is needed, there is always someone walking or driving past to have a chat too!

Go on an outing with the social club!

Our social club often organises group activities that are not held within the Village. For these outings, we hire a bus that departs and returns to the Village for your convenience. The outings vary and are designed to please all who partake in them, with residents always returning in great spirits!

Attending the weekly game of carpet bowls.

Carpet Bowls is a fun activity to enjoy with the other residents. Not only is this a great way to get out and stretch your muscles, it’s also a great opportunity to catch up with friends and share a tea or coffee together afterwards!

Going for a walk around the Village on a sunny day, enjoying the pretty gardens and lots of birds

Going for a walk around the Village is an outing in itself. Not only will you get to enjoy the fresh country air that our rural location provides but you’ll also get a chance to stop and chat to other residents and guests who are out and about and even stop by the Clubhouse to get a book to read on your deck as the sun sets.