Serpentine Falls
over 45’ village
Over 45's Lifestyle Village In Serpentine


Planning begins on the development of the Serpentine Falls Park Home and Tourist Village. During the early stages of planning the founding family were instantly drawn to the Serpentine area, recognising the areas natural beauty and tourism potential.

There were many obstacles and a fair amount of opposition to the Village from the community given the rural and quiet nature of the area. It was a scary venture for the family not only due to the opposition but because the area was lacking in amenities as well. To add to matters, the family had no experience in the tourism industry. However, the family believed in their vision for the Park and they fought passionately for the approval to develop the land.


After many trials and tribulations approval to develop the land as a caravan park was given and building began. Initially, only the office and ablution blocks were built and the sites were serviced. The only accommodation option offered to our guests was powered sites for camping and caravanning!


6 cabins were purchased and positioned in the Village and we grew our amenities by building the pool area.


In 1991 a lovely couple purchased the first park home in the Village. They enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle together in the village with the wife living in the park home until her passing, however her husband still lives in the Village. Slowly but surely more park homes were purchased and the number of residents in our community grew. We are humbled by the fact that several of those original residents still reside in the Village and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle that Serpentine has to offer them.


An application was made to extend the Village by 67 sites, still known to this day as “Stage 2” of the Village.


Approval was given for the “Stage 2” extension and construction commenced on servicing the new sites! Slowly the new sites were filled with park homes ready for their new owners to take residence and make them their own.


The Clubhouse was built for the park home residents in 2008 as an alternative to the office space residents had previously used for their events. The new Clubhouse offered much more space and many amenities that the old room at the Office didn’t have, adding to the community-centric lifestyle of the Village.


Over this period, we completed several upgrades to the Village. We sold several of the old cabins and replaced them with new and more modern cabins. We also renovated the cabins that were not replaced to ensure a consistent high standard of quality. The most recent addition during this time though was the Holiday Homes, which were a great addition for our guests and provided them with even more variety of accommodation to choose from.


The caravan park and lifestyle village was purchased by Tasman Tourism in January 2020. Their aim is to invest more money in order to take the park to the next level.